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Get Cat Howell – Facebook Ads That Convert

Get Hands-On Support   For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns (Including Rapid Fire Testing!)

…PLUS Step-By-Step Campaign Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), monthly training calls, and comprehensive FB ads training!

Oftentimes we think on-boarding and landing new clients into our business is the hardest thing…until you start running the campaigns. 
EVEN WITH the most stringent of audits, it can be hard to tell how results are going to pan out – especially in the early stages – and with the platform CONSTANTLY changing, it’s even harder to stay relevant to what’s working right this moment (because the reality is that what worked last week oftentimes isn’t going to cut it anymore). 
Sure, you can stay across all the blogs and Youtube channels, but without a community of people in the trenches sharing their own observations, staying relevant as a FB Marketer is near impossible. And the articles and updates aren’t going to help you when the client starts anxiously sending emails demanding updates on why things aren’t panning out the way you said they would. 
So why hands on support? 
The fastest way to get a campaign back on track is to optimise and address bottlenecks – whether that’s a potential pixel issue, an account flag, or just soft stats that are out of whack! And the fastest way to spot these is to actually go in the account. This is why I wanted to ensure that the support we provided in FATC wasn’t just a whole bunch of written stuff and online homework but rather my actual team going into your accounts to help you get them back on track and bringing in the results. 
I also wanted to make sure that this kind of support was accessible and affordable – as I can remember in my early days as a FB Marketer having to shelf out thousands of dollars on consultants (which often meant there was no money left in the pot to pay myself, or worse – I would be in the red with the account trying to save it! 

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