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Can you make money on Instagram you might ask? The short answer is YES, you can. So, if you would like to learn how to make money on Instagram stick around. With some tips and tricks, it’s definitely possible and not that difficult. Instagram is one of the many social media platforms that our generation feels compelled to use. But, with so many options why should you use Instagram? Well, Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users, and you could turn part of them into your customers. This tutorial will answer all of your questions about Instagram marketing and teach you how to create an audience for your business.

Start Instagram Marketing the Right Way

In this course, you will learn what Instagram influencer marketing means and how to use it to your advantage. While you can’t make direct sales on Instagram with some nifty and clever strategies, you will learn how to make money on Instagram the easy way.

We will start with an introduction to Instagram. You will understand what the differences between some of the most famous social media websites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are. You will learn what users expect when they go online and how they behave. You’ll discover what Instagram influencer marketing is and how to build your action plan. You’ll learn how other people make money on Instagram and will be able to use their techniques. With the right strategies, your sales will steadily increase.

Become an Instagram Star

If you already tried to understand how to make money on Instagram and your dream crashed and failed the first time, don’t let that intimidate you. Usually, people hope to start earning from Instagram instantly, but that’s rarely possible. You need to have patience. First, you need to make an outstanding presence online. You should become someone people would love to follow.

This tutorial will guide through the process of turning into a famous Instagram user. With the right attitude, hashtags and sponsored posts your followers will grow immensely. Your personality and lifestyle should be desirable, and this course will help you attract and inspire more and more people. The strategies presented in this course are top-notch, and you will learn how to apply all of them and as a result make money on Instagram.

Turn Your Followers Into Your Customers

Even though you can’t sell directly on Instagram or receive money through it, there is a way to make huge profits out of it. After you have a big audience who are not only inspired by you but can’t wait for you to share content every day, you will get the chance to sell your stuff. Throughout the course, you will learn how to make money on Instagram by connecting your website or online store to your Instagram account, so that your followers can find it with ease.

After finishing this course, you won’t need to ask can you make money on Instagram, you’ll be doing that yourself. So, if you are ready to become a star on one of the most popular social media platforms out there and can’t wait to make money selling your great stuff, this is the right course for you. This tutorial will make sure you learn all of the strategies on how to make money on Instagram and provide you with all of the tools to make this journey as easy as possible for you.

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A landing page is the place where an email marketing campaign begins. So if you want to have a successful email marketing campaign, you would definitely want to do it correctly from the beginning, right from the landing page creation, which the whole process begins.

A landing page; is the place which you collect emails of your leads from, in exchange for something valuable in return (incentive). Or maybe it could be anything else you want them to do inside your page. (fill out a form, download something…etc.)

Not all the people who visit your landing page are going to give you their emails of course. But you can work on increasing the number of those, relative to the total visitor number- which is called; conversion rate of a landing page.

Now, here is some tips to consider when creating your landing pages to make sure that you get the highest conversion rate possible.

Tell visitors exactly what you’re offering

Be clear of what you are offering to them, and make sure to use simple words that everyone can understand. Because you don’t want them to misunderstand you, which leads to them leaving or expecting something else when they opt-in for your page, and then they never find what they expected.

Make Your Value Proposition Pop

Put in front of them the desired need that drives them to opt-in for you. Find one very important need for them, a pain point you could help them go over, or just one thing they are interested in learning.

Make sure that you mention this in the headline of your page- in fact, this must be the headline itself.

Make it short

You don’t want them to get overwhelmed with too many options that lead them to abandon your page.

Make it super simple and straight to the point, and don’t use ads or images that could distract them because it’s very easy for them to leave!

Put a simple conversion path

Yes, even if it was clear. People might don’t understand what should they do. So make sure you tell them what to do and what will be the next step in a couple of words in the sub-headline.

Tell them that they have to put their email in the box and use arrows and graphics to make it easier and clearer.

Optimize it for mobile

Just because you are on your laptop, doesn’t mean that everyone is the same. In fact, more than half of the visitors are using their mobile and if your page didn’t look good on the mobile, they will simply leave as fast as they can.


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We all know that traffic is a critical factor of your business success, but you know, that’s not the whole picture. You might be saying to yourself “I can never have too much traffic to my website! I want traffic. I want all the traffic you can throw at me. Just give it to me!” Well, all traffic is not created equally and most traffic actually hurts your business.

That’s right. MOST traffic hurts your business. It’s a fact that websites have a greater bounce rate than they do opt-in or conversion rate. Right? Conversion rates tend to be low. In the single digits usually.

You may argue this one with me because you’ve probably heard that driving traffic is the most important part of your business but you know what, chances are, you’ve been brainwashed to think that way because it’s really just a myth.

Now many people think like they have to get as much traffic as possible to their page or as many affiliates as possible to promote their offer and get it off to them to make money.

That’s the stupidest business plan you could ever hear of in your life. As a matter of fact, that’s not a business plan at all. That’s just kind of a shooting in the dark. The reality is that this way of thinking is going to stunt your business growth.

Don’t just think that you need traffic as much as you possibly can and any traffic is good traffic, it isn’t. we are going to explain a little more about this.

When we say a bad traffic – it’s not the right people for the offer. It’s not the right market. It’s not the right demographic. he product won’t appeal to them. And these can be dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Let’s talk about that.

It Hurts Your Stats

If an unknown affiliate just sent you 13,000 clicks to your page and just made zero sales, your earnings per click just went down through the floor.

It gets your URL blacklisted.

Unknown affiliates use a lot of underground sneaky tactics to send traffic. They may even be spamming, literally spamming. And now, what happens is, if thousands of unsuspecting people just clicked the spam button on an email containing your URL (regardless of what affiliate it was that sent the email) it’s your URL that was in all those emails that’s got spam reported on.

So now, your URL gets put on the email blacklist. This kills the inbox deliverability of all future emails containing that URL even those that are sent by your good affiliates.

It increases refund rates

If an unknown random affiliate, create a really “hyper” or even deceitful message, promotion ads, or landing pages for your product to try and trick people into buying. This results in higher refunds and poorer metrics for you, right?

Here’s another one.

It increases your PayPal risk

Angry customers seldom go through the proper channels. They don’t go email you. They don’t go through your support desk and create a ticket because, “Oh wait a second, I didn’t think this — I got tricked”.

They’re not gonna go to your support, they don’t care. They’re gonna go right to their PayPal account, they’re gonna open a dispute and you know very well, too many disputes can get you on to PayPal’s radar and actually have a manual reviewer evaluating your site. Not good situation ha?

Get good traffic, it’s not that hard. Research first. Don’t just let anyone get your links to drive unknown traffic. Make sure you know about them and how are they going to get this traffic and how much is it targeted.

Failure to plan is the same as planning to fail. Don’t just create a product and build a website and leave traffic for last. Traffic is actually the first step. Find that first, begin building those relationships with your affiliates as soon as possible, this way -when you’re ready to launch, traffic won’t ever be a problem.